March "Groupie" "Beneath the Two Suns"


Royal Theater Zetski dom

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Inheriting the tradition since 1884, the Royal Theater Zetski dom is the oldest theater institution in Montenegro. Having changed its status and organization several times in the past, Zetski dom is today one of two national professional theaters. From the end of the 19th century to the present day, the mission of the Cetinje and Montenegrin theater has not changed - we provide an immeasurable contribution to the theater industry with meaningful and recognizable productions, the implementation of new forms, as well as guest appearances on the most important stages in the region and beyond. Today, the repertory policy of the Royal Theater Zetski dom corresponds to contemporary theatrical forms and expressions, while nurturing works from the cultural heritage of Montenegro and the world cultural heritage.

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Get to know the oldest theater building in Montenegro with a virtual tour of the exterior, interior and our hall.


With its roots in 1884, the Royal Theater “Zetski dom” is the oldest theater institution in Montenegro.

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The building of “Zetski dom” is one of the most recognizable buildings in the historical centre of Cetinje.