Zetski dom

The repertoire of the Royal Theatre “Zetski dom” will be continued tomorrow at 7pm with the play “Anna Karenina”, based on the novel by L.N. Tolstoy, directed by Mirko Radonjić.

Anna Karenina is a three-part play (The Nature of Falling in Love, The Nature of Time and The Nature of Madness). The cast includes: Sanja Vujisić, Aleksandar Gavranić and Pavle Prelević. It represents the search for ways to interpret and enagage into dialogue with this Tolstoy classic. This dialogue should in turn serve as a platform for both the performers and the audience to contemplate as to how to love in these crazy times.

The play is co-produced by our theatre and the Drama Studio “Prazan Prostor”and was premiered last year.

Box office/Information: 067 428 655.

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(photo: Ana Kašćelan)