Zetski dom

Rehearsals for the play “Beneath the two suns” are in progress in the Royal Theatre “Zetski dom”, and premiere will be next month.

The play is based on the novel by Ognjen Spahić, dramatization by Stela Mišković and direction by Boris Liješević. The cast includes Srđan Grahovac, Varja Đukić, as well as members of our acting ensemble Marija Maša Labudović, Vule Marković, Goran Vujović, Jelica Vukčević and Jelena Laban.

The director Boris Liješević says “It is the story of collective memory of generations who remember the great country in which we lived and its disintegration, that also witness to this new time, and those images of disintegration we carry as a collective trauma”, and he added that “It is about intimate stories of the characters, since the play is almost Bergmanian about complex interpersonal relationships and people who feel uncomfortable in their own skin.”

“We have been working in the wonderful theatre Zetski dom for several weeks now, with a wonderful team made up of outstanding Montenegrin actors of various generations, and I am very satisfied and happy about that,” Liješević said.

The author of the dramatization, Stela Mišković, emphasized that the interventions on the novel were insignificant and related mainly to stage adaptations.

“We kept the monologue form in the dramatization that is represented in the novel, so that our scenes actually derive from our monologues and create a unique stage experience”, she pointed out.

Actress Varja Đukić believes that the best plays are made on the stage of the Royal Theatre “Zetski dom”.

“I think that this will probably be one of the more significant plays, since it is about an extraordinary topic that has been kept silent somewhere, and which still haunts us all,” Đukić said. She adds that the work is interesting, the responsibility is huge, and that she expects that the audience will recognise that the play “Beneath the Two Suns” is a breakthrough in our theatrical life.

Scenography by Janja Valjarević, Costume designer is Lina Leković, Composer is Nina Perović and Assistant of the Director is Nina Martinović.

The novel “Beneath the two suns” was written by Montenegrin writer Ognjen Spahić at the request of the Royal Theatre, and was published in 2020.