Zetski dom

The Royal Theatre “Zetski dom” recently published the second, expanded edition of the publication “Theatre Zetski dom 1884-1896”, by Luka I. Milunović, in which the development of regular theatre life in Montenegro is covered until 1896, that is, until the ceremonial opening of the first renovated Montenegrin theatre building.

As part of our publishing activity, another edition by the same author is being prepared. Namely, it is the book “Zetski dom Theatre 1897-1909”, the content of this publication, will elaborate a very significant date in the life of “Zetski dom” and work of the first Montenegrin professional theatre. With this publication, along with our already published editions, we can say that Montenegro will get a rounded presentation of the development of regular theatre life until the First World War.

In addition to the results of archival and library research, as well as the content of monographic publications by Milunović, the basis for the publication “Theatre Zetski dom 1897-1909” is also a significant number of works published in our most prestigious scientific and professional journals, and also in specialized and general periodicals.

The book consists of four main chapters: Towards a professional state theatreTheatre and cultural production in CetinjeGuest appearances by traveling theatre troupesArrangement of Zetski dom. In addition, the publication will offer an overview of stage production outside the Capital in the Principality of Montenegro 1897-1909.

The completion of printing and promotion of the book “Zetski dom Theatre 1897-1909” is planned by the end of the current theatre season.

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