Art Education Day

The Art Education Day, a non-institutional education project, was launched by the Royal Theatre “Zetski Dom” in 2018, in cooperation and partnership with the Ministries of Education and Culture, as well as the National Museum of Montenegro.

In this way, Montenegrin primary and secondary school students had the opportunity to learn about functioning of the theatre, theatrical professions and watch plays produced by the oldest cultural institution.

During the implementation of one of the programmes in 2018, Prof Dr Aleksandar Čilikov, art historian, spoke to the students about the theatre like this:

“When I was your age, we had two theatres in Cetinje. One was a puppet theatre that we loved, which unfortunately no longer exists, and there was also this theatre, we usually sat upstairs in the back gallery. All the respectable people who lived in Cetinje at that time came here, and what was especially important – at that time there was the Obod industry, where four and a half thousand workers worked, Cetinje was then a working-class, industrial city. All the workers were here in white shirts, suits. However, then there was a period when the theatres were shut down. Simply, the theatre audience was lost in the sixties, and it is not easy to bring the audience back. Therefore, something must be done, such as this project. You need to cognise the theatre, you need to experience it.”

Some of the realised programmes through a photo gallery from our archive.


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