Zetski dom

The Royal Theatre “Zetski dom” will have guest performances this month in Podgorica. 

On Tuesday, January 24th, on the stage of the Montenegrin National Theatre, the play “Groupie”, directed by Ana Vukotić and  based on the texts by Mate Matišić, will be performed. The cast includes: Dejan Ivanić, Ana Vujošević, Marija Maša Labudović, Vule Marković, Goran Vujović, Jelica Vukčević and Vukan Pejović. The performance will begin at 8 pm.

A day later, on Wednesday, January 25th, as part of the repertoire of the City Theatre Podgorica, in the Cultural Information Center “Budo Tomović” at 8 pm, the play “Beneath the Two Suns” will be performed. The play is based on the novel by Ognjen Spahić, dramatization by Stela Mišković and directed by Boris Liješević. Cast: Srđan Grahovac, Varja Đukić, Goran Vujović, Marija Maša Labudović, Vule Marković, Jelica Vukčević and Jelena Laban.

Tickets can be purchased at box office of MNT (020274009) and KIC (020664237), as well as through the Podgorica City Theatre mobile application.

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(photo: Duško Miljanić)