MIT festival 2016.

The second MIT festival took place from 20 April to 14 June, 2016. During the festival twenty seven drama, literary, musical and media programmes were organized in the Royal Theatre “Zetski Dom” and other locations.

20 April: The Books of Knjige, theatre programme; 26/27/29 April: “Butterfly” (direction: Andraš Urban); 30 April: “The Flour in our Veins” (direction: Boris Liješević); 4 May: “Kabul” (direction: Željko Đukić); 5 May: Writing Workshop with Ognjen Spahić; 7 May: “The Conference of the Birds” (direction: Nina Rajić Kranjac); 10 May: “The Homecoming” (direction: Mirko Radonjić); 11 May: “Butterfly” (direction: Andraš Urban); 12 May: “My Child” (direction: Ana Đorđević); 13 May: “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (direction: Diego de Brea); 14 May: Stefan Milenković, Concert; 15 May: “The Chinese” (direction: Anja Suša); 16 May: “The Letter” (Paolo Nani teater); 17 May: “Ghosts” (direction: Andrej Nosov); 19 May: “Enoh Arden”; 20 May: Writing Workshop with Ljubomir Đurković; 25 May: The Books of Knjige, theatre programme; 27/28 May: “The Sunset Limited” (direction: Voja Brajović); 30 May – 4 June: Radionica hibridne drame, Diego de Brea; 4 June: Žana Lekić and Oleksej Molčanov, Concert; 5 June: “Butterfly” (direction: Andraš Urban); 6 June: “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (direction: Diego de Brea); 11 June: “Family Memories” (workshop – workshow, direction: Pep Gatell); 13 June – Writing Workshop with Ljubomir Đurković and Ognjen Spahić; 13 June: “Guliver” (direction: Petar Pejaković); 13 June: Josipa Lisac, Concert14 June: The Books of Knjige, theatre programme.