MIT festival 2019

The fourth edition of the MIT Festival took place from 8 to 17 May. During the festival, nine programmes were performed in the Royal Theatre “Zetski dom”.

8 May: “False Memories” (direction: Pep Gatell); 9 May: “Leaves” (direction: Anna Romano); 10 May: “In the name of the lord” (direction: Andraš Urban); 11 May: “The Visoko Chronicle” (direction: Jernej Lorenci); 12 May: “Bloody Smokers” (direction: Tin Grabnar); 14 May: “Removed” (direction: Emma Jordan); 15 May: “Catalan” (direction: Ivan Penović); 16 May: “Blood Wedding” (direction: Igor Vuk Torbica); 17 May: Stefan Milenković and Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra, Concert.