Zetski dom

One of today’s most notable pianists, Nada Kolundžija, will hold a concert at the Royal Theatre “Zetski dom” on Sunday, February 26th , starting at 8 pm.

The programme includes works by Nas, Veldhuis, Vrebalov, Kagel, Brown and Raičković.

Nada Kolundžija is passionate promoter of contemporary music. Her solo performances are distinguished by imaginative programmes and highly praised interpretations. Her concert appearances are sometimes marked by her performance on prepared piano, toy piano, recorded sound matrices, as well as by multimedia concepts and two pianos tuned quarter-tone apart.

She has given over 1000 concerts in Europe, Asia and USA, and she was included in the Lexicon of Successful People in Serbia published by the international publishing house Oxford book. Ms. Kolundžija was a collaborator and guest artist of Les AMIS ensemble from Toronto. She was also a member of the Ensemble for Different New Music.

She collaborated with various domestic and foreign musicians and composers and was a guest at numerous festivals. In addition to solo performances, she frequently performs with her brother, world-renowed violinist, Jovan Kolundžija. She has won a number of national and international awards.

Admission is free, and the programme can be downloaded here.

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(photo: Radule Perišić)