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Royal Theater Zetski dom

Inheriting the tradition from 1884, the Royal Theatre Zetski dom is the oldest theatre institution in Montenegro. It changed status and organization on several occasions in the past, but today Zetski dom is one of the two national professional theatres in our country.
From the end of the 19th century until today, the mission of Cetinje and Montenegrin theatre has remained unchanged – meaningful and recognizable production, implementation of new forms, as well as guest performances on the most prominent stages in the region and beyond, we contribute to theatre activity.
The repertoire policy of the Royal Theatre Zetski dom today corresponds to contemporary theatrical forms and expressions, nurturing works from the cultural heritage of Montenegro and world cultural heritage.

In addition to drama production, our theatre is engaged in concert activities and publishing, festival activities, organization of film screenings, thematic programs dedicated to children and youth. Also, Zetski dom is part of the European route of historical theatres and European Theater Convention.
From the end of 2020, the Royal Theatre Zetski dom, after seven decades has a permanent acting ensemble. You can learn more about the Royal Theatre Zetski dom, numerous plays and people whose work shaped the oldest cultural institution in the country, on this page.


The Royal Theatre “Zetski dom” pays special attention to publishing activities.

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With its roots in 1884, the Royal Theater Zetski dom is the oldest theater institution in Montenegro. During numerous epochs, the theater remained one of the most famous landmarks of Montenegrin culture and art.