Zetski dom

The play “The Trial”, by Franz Kafka, adapted and directed by Dušanka Belada, produced by Montenegrin National Theatre, will be performed on the stage of “Zetski dom” on Wednesday, February 22nd at 8pm.

The cast includes: Vukan Pejović, Jelena Minić, Jovan Dabović, Pavle Bogojević and Stefan Vuković.

As the director Dušanka Belada wrote, “The Trial” is a play about the burden – the one imposed from the outside, but more importantly – the one we carry inside. About the sprout from which the burden grows, about innate guilt. About the fact that we came into this world with a predisposition to be our own enemy. In this constant struggle with himself and the absurdity that surrounds him, the main character goes through a wide range of his states. Recognizing his own internal problems and inevitabilities in the external world, he makes peace with this worldly form of existence. Someone must have slandered Josef K. – to be what he is – to be a man.

The dramatization by Jovan Bošković and Dušanka Belada, the scenographer is Jovan Bošković, the costume designer is Gordana Bulatović, the composer is Marija Mitrović, and the executive producer is Janja Ražnatović.

Box office / information: 067428655.

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(photo/video: MNT)