Sudio of the Royal Theatre “Zetski dom”

The Studio is a unique educational and cultural segment of the Royal Theatre “Zetski dom”, started in 2018, in which children and young people from the Old Royal Capital Cetinje participate.

The last project under the mentorship of prof. Petar Pejaković, the director, was the play “Early Sorrows”, based on the motifs of the work by Danilo Kiš.

Past activities that were of particular importance for the development of the audience, and the participation of children and young people in the creation of theatre projects and programmes, you can see in a photo gallery from our archive.

About the theater

With its roots in 1884, the Royal Theater Zetski dom is the oldest theater institution in Montenegro. During numerous epochs, the theater remained one of the most famous landmarks of Montenegrin culture and art.

MIT festival

From 2015 until today, the MIT festival performance in different periods of the year and in different locations in Cetinje.