Zetski dom

The play “Beneath the two suns”, based on the novel by Ognjen Spahić, dramatization by Stela Mišković and directed by Boris Liješević, premiered tonight in the Royal Theatre “Zetski dom” Cetinje.

The cast includes Srđan Grahovac, Varja Đukić, Marija Maša Labudović, Vule Marković, Goran Vujović, Jelica Vukčević and Jelena Laban.

Director Liješević points out that this story derives from the collective memory (sentiments) of generations witnessing an old world vanishing in front of their eyes and that we carry the images of disintegration to the grave, as a collective trauma that, untreated, has become a biography of space, time and all of us within it.

“New generations, with new hairstyles, diets, attitudes, habits, music, are already marching through the ruins of the old world, happy, reckless, and untouchable. The only things that matter to them are their blank résumés. They are unaware they were born on ruins and the soil they walk upon is not soft, pliable and receptive, but harsh, drowned in blood, guilt, crime, sin, silence, trauma, wrath.

A night of drunkenness at the lighthouse, over the weekend which was supposed to be the best of life and bring the long-awaited pregnancy, marks the beginning of the apocalypse, that will end beyond the frontiers of the world. An apocalypse revealing some other Mediterranean, not the exotic and irresistible one, but the bloody, anxious, unpleasant, suffocating, ominous, malevolent one.

It is a difficult task to immerse yourself in the world of Spahić’s heroes, in the silence that has engulfed them for almost three decades, in the suppression and pushing under the carpet, which devours consciousness and turns into hatred.

In such a space, two Suns, two worlds, two times, organizations, collide. What they have in common is infertility and a cry for a child, for the extension of species, for sustainability. A cry for life. “

Scenography by Janja Valjarević, Costume designer is Lina Leković, Composer is Nina Perović, Assistant of the Director is Nina Martinović, and the Costume designer’s assistant is Mia Đurović.

The novel “Beneath the two suns” was written by Montenegrin writer Ognjen Spahić at the request of the Royal Theatre, and was published in 2020.

2nd showing starts tomorrow at 8pm. Tickets are sold out.