Zetski dom

On the Internet presentation of the European Theatre Convention – ETC, the most influential theatre network on the continent, information about the premiere of the play “Beneath the Two Suns” was published. The play is based on the novel by Ognjen Spahić, dramatization by Stela Mišković and directed by Boris Liješević.

In a comprehensive announcement, ETC reports the statements of the author and the entire cast, and reminds that the play was based on the novel by the contemporary Montenegrin writer Ognjen Spahić, which was written at the invitation of the Royal Theatre “Zetski dom”, and published in 2020.

Previously, on the internet presentation of ETC, a pan-European network that “Zetski dom” joined in May of this year, news about the play “Groupie” based on the one-act plays “Autograph for Milica” and “Groupie”, by prominent contemporary Croatian writer Mate Matišić, directed by Ana Vukotić were also published.