Zetski dom

The performance “Without Portfolio”, based on the text by Stevan Koprivica, and directed by Branislav Mićunović, will be performed tomorrow in the Royal Theatre “Zetski dom” at 8 pm.

In the play, which is coproduction of the Podgorica City Theatre and the Bar Chronicle Festival, the cast includes: Dubravka Drakić, Dušan Kovačević, Simo Trebješanin, Ivana Mrvaljević, Jelena Nenezić-Rakočević, Miloš Pejović, Omar Bajramspahić, Ivona Čović-Jaćimović and Vahidin Prelić.

According to Stevan Koprivica, director of the Podgorica City Theatre, the primary intention was to make a vivisection of society through the form of more casual genre, in which a specific political problem is not targeted, but a state of social consciousness, and that according to Kundera’s “a small man against a big problem” result in all these extreme losses that all the characters in the play, no matter what they are, experience.

“The original ambition of the director Mićunović, myself and the entire cast was to show people through a cathartic performance that they are the creators of their own happiness and that they decide their own fate, and that the worst thing is to keep our heads down,” said Koprivica.

Dramaturgy by Dragana Tripković, scenography by Marko Petrović Njegoš, costume design by Lina Leković, and assistant of the director is Branka Knežević.

Tickets for the performance, which lasts 70 minutes, can be purchased at the box office of the Royal Theatre “Zetski dom” every day from 10am to 1pm and from 6pm to 8pm. Telephone for information: 067 428 655.

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(photo: Podgorica City Theatre)