Zetski dom

The play “Night of Tribades”, based on the text of P.O. Enquist, directed by Branko Ilić, will be performed tomorrow in the Royal Theatre “Zetski dom” at 8 pm, in cooperation with Old Royal Capital Cetinje. 

The play is co-production of the Cultural Center Tivat and the Youth Theatre from Podgorica. “Night of Tribades” deals with gender equality, women’s emancipation and freedom of choice, and the roles are performed by: Jelena Simić, Ivona Čović, Lazar Đurđević and Branko Ilić.

The goal of this artistic project is the affirmation of the struggle for true equality between women and men and emancipation of women in Montenegrin society through the artistic and theatrical form.

The inspiration for this piece, was the controversial attitude towards women that the famous Swedish literary creator August Strindberg had. The plot of the play follows his relationship with his wife, her decisions and actions, which are against his will. The emphasis of the story is on the dysfunctional male-female relationship in which the man shows intolerance towards the woman’s choices, rights and emancipation.

The play is realised through the co-operation among the European Union and the Council of Europe joint programme “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey 2019-2022”, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Dramatic Arts (University of Montenegro), the Centre for Culture Tivat and the NGO Youth Theatre.

Admission is free, phone number for reservations is 067 428 655.

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(photo: Youth Theatre)