Zetski dom

The play “The Presidents” (Die Präsidentinnen), based on the text by Werner Schwab, directed by Radmila Vojvodić, will be performed in the Royal Theatre “Zetski dom” tomorrow at 8 pm.

The cast includes: Nada Vukčević, Ana Vučković and Jelena Laban.

“Werner Schwab presents us a text that is tragical and at the same time hilariously funny about the idea of ​​humanity. These outsiders are not only determined by their class identity, but they are on the margins due to a lack of perspective and absence of will… Our heroines, therefore, exist in what they could or could live: they are inconsistent, because Schwab, I think and read him like that, inscribes a tragicomic self-satisfaction and reconciliation with life,” wrote, among other things, Vojvodić.

Nina Perović is the composer, Marija Kalabić is the scenographer, Dubravka Drakić is the proofreader and Stela Mišković is the director’s assistant.

Box office / information: 067428655.

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(photo: Duško Miljanić)