Zetski dom

The premiere of the documentary film “I, Maria Gabriela, granddaughter of Queen Jelena of Savoy” will be held in the Royal Theatre “Zetski dom” tomorrow evening. 

It is a work by the Montenegrin composer and filmmaker Miodrag Bole Bošković. It is about Montenegrin princess and the Italian queen Jelena Savoy, through the memories of her granddaughter Maria Gabriela.

She is the daughter of the last Italian king, Umberto II of Savoy, and the Belgian princess Maria Jose, who in the film talks about the character of Jelena of Savoy, and about interesting details from her life that were not previously known.

Bošković, besides the direction, writes the script and music, and in production of the film participated technical consultant and cinematographer Dejan Vlahović, translator PhD Igor Lakić, narrator Ratka Pavlović, organizer Đovani Stanislava Rondadini, while Branko Gazdić was in charge of graphic and conceptual solutions.

Tomorrow’s premiere will start at 8 pm, and the film lasts 50 minutes.